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NukAlert Keychain Radiation Detector

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NEW! NukAlert Automated Radiation Measurement Station-2 (ARMS-2)

Real-Time 24/7 Radiation Hazard Assessment

Inter Agency Board (IAB) Standardized Equipment List (SEL) and FEMA Authorized Equipment List (AEL) Type-accepted for fixed radiation detection (07RD-04-SGND)

Eligible for federal grants

VA ARMS 2Nov32016 Medium



Automated Radiation Measurement Station-2 (ARMS-2) is a dual radiation monitor that measures both “cloud shine” and “ground shine” in a dual stream of data 24/7. If in the event a nuclear accident or nuclear terrorism, the ARMS-2 can detect a radiation plume in the clouds above and the radiation falling to the ground. These measurements can be vital in deciding whether to shelter-in-place of evacuate. The data can be sent one a minute to FEMA’s RadResponder Network and WebEOC.

ARMS-2 can be deployed to monitor a wide geographic area for the direction of nuclear dispersion from a terrorist detonation such as a dirty bomb (RDD) or Improvised Nuclear Device (IND). The data can be redundantly sent by Ethernet, Cellular, WiFi communications. If one modality fails, the next user selected mode is automatically selected.

ARMS-2 employs a radiation detector 1 meter above the surrounding terrain, providing an omnidirectional radiation measurement. A second detector, mounted in the system base, is shielded by a 4cm thick lead collimator that restricts its response to a 90 degree cone straight above the station. The dual sensors provide simultaneous measurement of “Cloud Shine” and "Ground Shine" gamma radiation.

ARMS-2 can automatically shut off the air intake to a building’s HVAC system when user-defined radiation levels are reached, protecting the building’s occupants from radiation and preventing interior building contamination.  ARMS-2 measures radiation from 1µR/hr to 700R/hr, with no saturation below 1,000R/hr. The radiation detecting device has been tested by Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Dual radiation detectors- "Ground Shine" and "Cloud Shine"

ARMS2 web

Example of ARMS-2 report on live map

ARMS 2 Report

Example of ARMS-2 live report


ARMS2 Graph

Dual reporting Cloud Shine and Ground Shine graphs

 Multiple, redundant communications  features- Ethernet, Cellular, and WiFi

Reports dual data streams radiation measurements to multiple databases including FEMA's RadResponder Network and WebEOC


Fukushimia      Fukushima2

This is how Fukushima "Cloud Shine" measurements were taken using a hole on the top of lead bricks

ARMS-2 provides automated 24/7 real-time radiation measuremnet of 90° cone above station


NukAlert Automated Radiation Measurement Station (ARMS)

 AFS 280x301

Real-Time 24/7 Radiation Hazard Assessment

ARMS fixed 24/7 radiation monitoring for critical infrastructure such as nuclear power plants, hospitals, schools, public buildings, data centers, EOCs, government buildings, and vital distribution centers. Available in 2 models including the new ARMS-2 with Ethernet, cellular, and WiFi redundant communications features. ARMS-2 measures "cloudshine" and ground radiation and reports dual real-time radiation data.

The roof mounted NukAlert Automated Radiation Measurement Station (ARMS) sends real time radiation data simultaneously to multiple databases such as FEMA's RadResponder Network and WebEOC. ARMS sends email and text messages to multiple personel when user defined radiation levels are exceeded. The NukAlert Automated Radiation Station (ARMS)  accomplishes Task 5.5 of the Rad Resilient City Initiative. The ARMS station can provide data, through a connection to BACnet, that can shut down HVAC systems on buildings when a user defined radiation level is reached. The ARMS is an inexpensive device that can save employees’ lives and protect building contents from potentially dangerous radiation. The ARMS is a perfect system for government buildings, data centers, hospitals, schools, corporate buildings, office buildings, public shelters, and other critical infrastructure buildings. 


•NukAlert’s Automated Radiation Measurement Stations reported more than 5,000 real-time reports to FEMA’s  RadResponder Network during the May 19th 2015 nationwide drill.

•Since February 2015, NukAlert Automated radiation devices have sent the RadResponder Network more than 8 million real-time reports from throughout the U.S.

 More than 11 million live radiation reports from our stations to corporate and Federal radiation databases

•Automated Radiation Measurement Station (ARMS) Fixed Radiation Detector is operational at Virginia Department of Health building in Richmond, VA.

 •Oak Ridge National Laboratory has tested our NukAlert-Extended Range (ER) Geiger counter

•Specifications improved to 1μR/hr to 700R/hr ±20% with no saturation below 1,000R/hr

•FEMA's RadResponder Network site is receiving real-time radiation data from our multiple Automated Radiation Measurement Stations (ARMS)


ARMS Fixed Radiation Detector

Real-time Radiation Map

 Apogee Preperadness distributes a line of radiation detection products including the the NukAlert-Extended Range(ER) Personal Radiation Detector, NukAlert key chain radiation detector,  Automated Radiation Measurement Station, ARMS, ARMS-2, and NukAlert Extended Range (ER) Bluetooth with BLE. The NukAlert-ER is a simple to use, low cost, Geiger counter, radiation survey meter, and dosimeter all in a compact package. Unlike many higher priced Personal Radiation Detectors, the NukAlert-ER Geiger counter measures radiation from 1µR/hr background levels to above 700R/hr with no saturation (overload) below 1,000 R/hr. Remote radiation sensing capabilities for deployment around nuclear power plants.


 Live Radiation Map

FEMA’s RadResponder Network provides an important resource for federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial organizations responding to radiological/nuclear emergencies. The purpose of RadResponder is to provide a free standardized radiation data collection and management tool for all levels of government and industry. The RadResponder Network enables organizations to rapidly record, share and aggregate radiological data, manage specialized personnel and equipment, and establish interagency partnerships.

 NukAlert-ER Geiger Counter 

Currently Government, Military, and Industrial Sales Only

Geiger counter, high range survey meter, and a dosimeter in one small package

1µR/hr to 700R/h ±20% , No Saturation (overload) below 1,000R/hr

Tested at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

 NukAlertER 222x272


The NukAlert-ER™ Personal Radiation Detector is a unique 'Extended Range' radiation detection instrument. It is a very sensitive Geiger counter that is also able to measure life-threatening radiation levels that are beyond the range of traditional Geiger- based devices. The NukAlert-ER accurately measures radiation over an extraordinary intensity range from 1µR/hr to 700R/hr ±20% with no saturation (overload) below 1,000R/hr. It is a very sensitive Geiger counter, high range survey meter and a dosimeter, all in one instrument, with data collection, communications capability and adjustable dose and rate alarms. Every NukAlert-ER Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) is calibrated and tested in a licensed radiation testing facility and is guaranteed to meet or exceed published specifications. The NukAlert-ER PRD also sends real time data through the Windows App to multiple live maps and databases. 

NukAlert Data Gateway


NukAlert Keychain Radiation Detector

Available Now


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RATS- Rapid Application Tourniquet System

RATS Tourniquets (Rapid Application Tourniquet System) are easy to apply with just one hand. In times of active shooters and terrorism, every business, school, church, law enforcement agency, fire department, military, and public venue should have several RATS Tourniquets ready to use. RATS Tourniquets (Rapid Aapplication Tourniquet System) are easy to apply with just one hand.

RATS is in use by local, state, military, and federal agencies including US Border Patrol and Vermont State Police

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